Doctor Profile

The ophthalmic surgeon Meropi Lygerou was born in Kozani in 1988 and raised in Athens.

She graduated with honors from the 2nd Arsakeio Lyceum of Psychiko in 2006 and from the Medical School of the University of Athens (NUA) with a grade of 8.08 / 10 in 2012.

After graduation, she started her career as a doctor at the OMMA Ophthalmological Institute of Athens, gaining valuable experience and knowledge in the field of retinal diseases and glaucoma through daily examination of patients with diseases covering the whole spectrum of ophthalmology and through participation in clinical studies and research.

In 2015, she started her ophthalmology residency at the Children’s General Hospital of Penteli where she daily evaluated the clinical condition of infants and preschool and school age children including emergency cases and participated in surgical procedures for the treatment of trauma, strabismus and eyelid and lacrimal system diseases.

In 2016, she continued her residency at the Thriasio Hospital where she gained rich experience in managing emergency cases (e.g., severe trauma, burns, neurological cases, etc.) as well as in performing numerous surgical procedures (e.g., cataract surgeries, eyelid diseases, etc.) and intravitreal injections.

In 2019, succeeding in pan-European examinations in Paris, she was recognized as a fellow of the European Society of Ophthalmology (FEBO) and moved to London where she worked at the Royal London Hospital gaining further expertise in retinal diseases, intraocular inflammation cases, neuro-ophthalmology cases and glaucoma cases.

In 2020, following examinations, she received her ophthalmology residency and continued her career at the Thriasio Hospital further expanding her surgical experience.

In 2021, she collaborated with the private ophthalmological clinic Alliance Vision in France, assuming the position of Head of Ophthalmology Department and until today she is an external scientific collaborator of 417 NIMTS and OMMA Ophthalmological Institute of Athens.

Since the beginning of her career, the ophthalmic surgeon has been an active speaker at numerous national, European and international conferences. She has also participated voluntarily in charity activities of the Smile of the Child organization and the Medical Association of Athens.

She is a member of the Medical Association of Athens, the Hellenic Ophthalmological Society, the Hellenic Vitreous – Retina Society and the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

Since February 2022, she maintains a private ophthalmology practice in the area of N. Psychiko in Athens.